Embrace Health Community Care Services

The Embrace Health Services and Community Care provides homecare services and supports in retirement home settings and or long-term care settings to support and enhance the wellness of individuals. Our objective is to support the quality of life of individuals as they face illness, change and transitions in life. Embrace Health offers unique care planning and professional assessments and interventions to assist individuals with their daily adaptation and needs. Professional approaches with self-esteem markers that allow the health professional to target needs and assist with additional support. Embrace Health provides a supportive framework that creates strength and resilience in Canadians to help them live stronger more efficient lives. Inclusive of palliative and grief support for individuals and families. Embrace Health offers homecare services for all age groups.


  • Youth Anti-Bullying Self-Esteem Awareness Program
  • Workplace Health and Dynamic support through self-esteem enhancement.
    • Building healthier work places for productivity.
  • Self-Esteem Enhancement for Corporate Leadership
  • Youth Self-Esteem Leadership Program and Youth Work Initiatives
  • Nutrition and Cardiac Health - Motivational Changes for Life
  • Self-Esteem in Sports
  • Embrace Your Self-Esteem Class
  • Self-Esteem for Seniors
  • Self-Esteem for the Health Care Professional
  • Individuality a Self-Esteem Approach and Self-Esteem for Women
  • Empathy Classes
  • Motivational Life Strategies
  • Self-Esteem through the Cardiac Crisis for Women
embrace health community care services
embrace health community care services