Embrace Health Community Care Services

The Embrace Health Services and Community Care provides homecare services and support in the community. Embrace Health offers homecare services for all age groups. Our objective is to reduce stress, anxiety and depression in individuals as they experience illness and transitions in life. Embrace Health offers unique care planning and professional assessments and interventions to assist individuals with their daily adaptation and needs. Professional approaches with self-esteem markers that allow the health professional to target needs and assist with additional support. Embrace Health provides a supportive framework that creates strength and resilience in Canadians to help them live stronger more efficient lives. Inclusive of palliative and grief support for individuals and families.

Embrace Health offers educational programs, seminars and workshops we can customize for the event.

Mental Health is Everyone's Challenge

A seminar on mental health needs such as anxiety and depression. Education information on the relevance and need. Coping measures and life strategies that make a difference.

Advancing Inclusiveness in Society
Educational and formatted for an interactive capacity with the audience. Developing personal accountabilities in to a social plan that builds inclusiveness. Advancing society to like ourselves, others and build empathy.

Mental Health Resilience: An Action Plan for Canadians


  • Youth Anti-Bullying Self-Esteem Awareness Program
  • Leadership and Change for Youth: The Resiliency of Self-Esteem
  • Anatomy of a Bully
  • Parents and Caregivers Anti-bullying Awareness Education
  • Workplace Health and Dynamic Program
  • Coping with Transitions Through Critical Illness
  • Empathy Classes
embrace health community care services
embrace health community care services