Embrace Health Self-Esteem Development and Youth Initiatives

Embrace Health offers mental health support for youth with self-esteem development. Embrace Health has a comprehensive approach that supports the adaptation of youth self-esteem and encourages conflict resolution and stress management, to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and social isolation. Building resilient youth to build resilient lives to support each other for a more caring inclusive society.

Embrace Health offers comprehensive programs that deal with the aspects of bullying. Specific support is available for the victim, the bystanders and the group or individual that is considered to be bullying. Individual consultation and group consultation is available. 24-hour crisis support is available to the youth and their families.

Embrace Health has formulated a Self-Esteem Research and Development component that we have been formulating for over 10 years and accounts for data management, innovative assessments and strategies. All data and strategies correlate practice effectiveness with outcomes. Markers are established within the self-esteem assessments that provide and keep interventions and assessments intact. Self-esteem research and development advances personal and social accountability.

Documentation and statistics are available upon request.

embrace health self esteem development and youth initiative