innovationsThe self-esteem research and development facets of Embrace Health have woven an innovative tapestry of data, strategies and practice focuses. Embrace Health has been formulating this for over 10 years. Documentation and statistics are available upon request.

Watch for upcoming books:

  • Self Esteem Empowerment for Youth
  • Self Esteem the Health-Illness Continuum
  • Self Esteem for Women
  • Self Esteem for Men
  • Medical Professionals Guide to Medical Assistance with Dying And Support
  • Medical Assistance with Dying A Patients Guide
  • The Embrace Society
  • Cardiac Health for Women and Children a Self-Esteem Approach
  • Embracing Women’s Hearts and Minds
  • Embracing Life Strategies

More and more of society has become desensitized to the capacity to care. It is an essential facet to life and relationships. "The need to build empathy is a clinical finding, and now; an integral strategy derived from years of Self-Esteem Research and Development”, states Arlene Lusterio as she reflects on her new focus called Building Empathy.  Research reveals that a more positive self-esteem can motivate change and bring a positive awareness of goals and plans to implement changes in life. This is supported and extracted from data on the Embrace Health Self-Esteem Research and Development.

"The biofeedback mechanism of caring enhances wellness in a cyclic fashion" states Arlene Lusterio. Our capacity as humans is to care it’s a natural mechanism, endorphins are optimized, awareness and role identity occur when individuals take the time to empathize. An essential building block in personal and social accountability.


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