"To embrace the lives of Canadians and facilitate adaptation and resilience for each individual through the health-illness continuum. Self–esteem awareness and enhancement to facilitate the well being of Canadians."

"To foster the legacy of change and build caring and empathy into the embrace of society."


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About the Founder/CEO

Arlene Lusterio/Health Care Architect has been a registered nurse for thirty years and brings a diverse portfolio of health care expertise to Embrace Health. She has been formulating Embrace Health for ten years. She shares a passion for helping people feel better about themselves and building a stronger healthier community. Arlene has a strong sense of advocacy and is a dedicated humanitarian. She has developed a self-actualization model that encourages personal reflection and goal planning. She has developed a self-esteem focus and has composed an antibullying program and is completing her various books on self-esteem and antibullying. She shares a great love of writing and health. She is an individual with focus and vision that supports empowering others and empathy. She believes that life should have quality and that it means something different to each individual.